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What Difference Does it Make When You Are Using Fresh or Frozen Fruits In Baking?

Fruit picked from the freezer in the grocery store is normally frozen at its peak ripeness. Most of the fruits are about 90 percent water. When the fruits are frozen, the water content in them becomes ice and then it expands, which consequently breaks down its cell structure. When the fruit is thawed, the lack of structure results in a softer texture. When you are deciding if you can use the frozen fruits in your recipe, it can surely confuse you. We have listed a few tips for the same.

Where frozen fruits work well?

If the recipe is cooked or baked after the fruit has been added, then it is advisable to use frozen fruit. Muffins, cakes, quick breads, baked fruit pies etc. may need some minor tweaks, but they are easily adaptable to use no matter what fruit you have available, be it frozen or fresh. You can buy frozen fruits from us here, https://www.naturestouchfrozenfoods.com/en/carry-our-products.

Tips to follow when using frozen fruits

  1. If you are using a frozen fruit is a tart, pie or a compote, add an extra ¼ tsp. each cup of fruit of whatever thickener you are using. This adds some absorption on the excess juice that the frozen fruit tends to release.
  2. Rinse your fruit if you don’t want its color to disperse. Rinse them with cool water. You don’t want your muffins to bleed with fruit juices.
  3. Add extra baking time. It is always advisable to add an extra few minutes in the oven if you are adding frozen fruits in it.

When thawing frozen fruit first helps

If whatever dish you are cooking, wouldn’t take a lot of time, it will help in thawing the fruit first. For instance, while making pancakes with frozen berries could leave the gummy bits of batter around the fruit. The coldness avoids the batter from cooking and the external part of the pancake will most likely be burned before the inside has completely cooked. At least, let the fruit thaw. You can rinse and pat it dry to lessen the color bleeding.

Some Key Takeaways

  1. Frozen fruit should always work well in anything baked or cooked. Take into consideration that some recipes may need additional thickener to balance the extra juice.
  2. Rinse the frozen juice to avoid the colors from bleeding.
  3. Thaw the frozen fruit if the recipe has a shorter baking or cooking time. You might want to increase the baking time if you are adding cold ingredients.
  4. If the recipe needs fresh fruit, use it. When you add fresh fruits to the recipes and if it doesn’t cook or bake, it adds to the appeal of the dish itself.

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