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Two Food Products that Chocolate is Best Paired With

You have probably noticed that chocolate products have some ingredients that make them more delicious. This is because chocolate can be paired with something to complement the flavors in both the chocolate and the food it is paired with. Below are some of the food products that can be paired with chocolate. Your knowledge of them will help you appreciate the magic whenever you try gourmet confections.


Caramel is usually flavored with notes of sea salt and orange. It has been a common pair for chocolate for years. This is because salted caramel creates an interesting texture profile and helps in stimulating the tongue’s sweet receptors, resulting in a more intense flavor. As a matter of fact, every taste bud on the tongue has cells which respond to salty, bitter, and sweet tastes. But, studies show that a number of the sweet receptors which traditionally considered being in the gut are present among such cells. Such kind of receptor tends to work only to transmit the sweet taste when salt is present. With the right balance between the sugar in chocolate and salt in caramel, consumers will surely have a sweet experience.


Although every ingredient is phenomenal by itself, melted chocolate and roasted almonds create a new flavor. If almonds are paired with chocolate, the power of the salty-sweet phenomenon is harnessed. Also, studies show that the molecular structures of both chocolate and almonds complement one another to create a delicious pairing.

In addition, chocolate and almonds make an interesting treat as they have the same and natural fat content. Almonds’ natural oil helps in spreading the chocolate flavor across the tongue. Almonds also have natural proteins that make consuming chocolate almond treats very satiating.

The chocolate and almond pairing also has the benefit of being prepared in various ways that range from simple chocolate covered almond clusters to parfaits, ice creams, and granolas.  Since it is possible to fold chocolate into mousses, chocolate almond is an excellent flavor for anybody who craves something sweet; however, is worried about taking too many calories from their indulgence.

Whatever pairing you want to indulge in, you will enjoy the individual benefits of both chocolate and almonds to the taste along with their own combined taste. Whether you are planning to host a chocolate tasting party or you want to put together a box of chocolates for your loved ones or friends, make it memorable by ordering lamontagnechocolate.com.

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