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Tips For Cooking Different Duck Recipes

If you think that cooking duck is similar to that of cooking chicken then you lack some information. Maybe the duck belongs to the poultry family but it is dark meat and tastes absolutely different than chicken. The cooking style of duck also differs than chicken. Besides, duck recipes demand more time that is needed for tendering the meat. Whether you’re cooking duck confeti or Wellington duck breast recipe, you need to give the sufficient. For duck quick bites, you can either go for the duck ham salad recipes or crispy fried duck where the small sliced marinated duck pieces are deep fried after dipping into a batter mixed with eggs, cornflower, cornflakes etc.


Cutting the full duck is a significant step to follow before you start with seasoning, followed by marinating and then roasting. Take a razor sharp knife and chop off the wings and cut off the neck and wishbone of the poultry. In the next step, you need to do the seasoning inside out the meat for enjoying the tenderness while tasting the savory.


You can cook the duck confit at home. Yes. It’s possible if you are a passionate cook and have the dedication for giving it the time for preparing the juicy, tender and tasty duck confit. But for that you need a proper marinating. According to the traditionalists, duck cooking needs marination. After seasoning, marination of any meat is essential for allowing the seasoning and the spices to get into the meat by making it more tasty and tender. So, even if you’re cooking duck, marination with lemon, garlic cloves, rock salt, thymes or five spices etc will be excellent for encouraging the meat to enhance the taste factor. Besides, it also helps in making the meat supple and tender and juicy. With every bite you feel the juiciness and the tenderness of the meat.

Get rid of the fat

The biggest challenge you’ll face while cooking duck is the extra thick layer of fat on the duck breast. Most people don’t want to have it so the chefs nicely cut off that portion. You can also prick it, so that it can get rid of the meat leaving it to cook. Boiling the duck breasts is also a traditional method to get rid of the fat. But as the meat gets cooked, it doesn’t allow bringing the smoky flavor which you need in the duck. So, better grill the duck first in an oven or a rotisserie.

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