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Things to remember when hosting a kiddie party

Having our own family is considered to be a fulfillment to most people. As parents, we would like always to give our children the best things in life that are within our financial capacity. As our kids start growing up, the more we aim to work harder to give them a comfortable kind of life that they truly deserve.

Our kids are expected to go through many milestones in their life, and each of them are in different phases. One of the most important occasions that is worth celebrating is our kids’ yearly birthday party. Planning for this important celebration would cost you a little bit of money, but it’s all going to be all worth it once you see the precious look on your kid’s face as soon as the party gets started.

We all know that planning for a kid-friendly party can be quite overwhelming especially if you’re not used into doing this. So below are some applicable and practical tips on how to pull off this event in a successful manner.

1.) Look for the perfect venue to have the party. Outdoor and indoor locations are both good options depending on the weather. If you want a practical choice, you can have a party in the comfort of your home. Decorate the venue a day before the birthday party to lessen the stress on the day of the actual event.

2.) Make a complete list of people that you will be inviting to your kid’s birthday bash. Make sure to accomplish the list as soon as possible and send out the invitations a week before the party so the parents would be able to arrange their work schedules in advance. Also, make a confirmation a few days before the event by either calling or sending your guests a text message so you would have an idea on how many people will you be expecting for the event.

3.) Plan your menu carefully. Since this is a kid’s party, you have to make sure that the foods that will be served are both kid and adult friendly. Food choices can include different types of sandwiches, nachos, pasta with a sweet type spaghetti sauce, fried chicken; grilled hotdogs and pizza are only some of the most popular food selections available. You can add a few more options to the menu should you wish to do so depending on the total number of guests that will be present during the party.

Prepare cold drinks that both kids and adults would enjoy. Steer away from serving alcoholic drinks as much as possible and stick to fruit juices, soda, and water for the meantime.

4.) Plan and organize different party games to keep the kids busy and entertained throughout the party; this will put them in a good mood which is a win-win solution for everyone. Hiring clowns and magicians to grace the party are also good choices to keep the kids happy and excited. It’s important that the games are engaging enough so all of the kids would be encouraged to participate. Make sure that you prepare all the major and consolation prizes so that all kids will have something to look forward to.

5.) Prepare your party giveaways and make sure that all the guests would be able to receive something from the celebrant. This would also serve as a little token of appreciation for taking the time to celebrate the birthday of your child. You can distribute loot bags with candies and goodies for the kids and probably some personalized cupcakes for the older guests.

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