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The Beguiling World of Candy in the UK and How to Save Money on Bulk Sweets

The United States is the global leader in terms of retail candy sales with upwards of five million pounds traded each year, but you should know that the United Kingdom is also a nation of candy fanatics, as well.

According to the latest calculations, we eat roughly nearly 1.6 million pounds of assorted sweets per year, and our consumption rate is only continuing to tick up each year.

Candy Curiosities and Historical Insight

The next time you bite into a scrumptious chocolate or place a mouth-watering hard candy into your cheek, be sure to reflect upon some of these candy-related phenomena:

  • Did you know that Smarties were first referred to as crottes de lapin, which translates directly to bunny poop? The original name was patently ridiculous, but children around the UK consume tens of millions of tubes each year.
  • You might believe that Kit Kat bars are relatively mundane, but this is isn’t the case in Japan. Manufacturers around Japan have coined almost 100 different flavours of Kit Kats, including vegetable and even vinegar variants.
  • During the late ‘60s lead guitarist George Harrison disclosed that Jelly Babies were his preferred choice of candy, which resulted in the band getting bombarded with these delectable sweets during almost every show.

If you’d like to gain access to the most popular bulk loose sweets for a birthday party, corporate celebration, or just to indulge for no reason at all, be sure to head over to the landing page of a reputable wholesaler.

Cutting Costs on Personalised Candy Orders

Satiating your candy fetish doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but you do have to use your computer if you’d like to slash the per unit price of buying the trendiest sweets.

The best-rated suppliers have factory shops that are open to the public, but your best bet is to place an introductory order on the online platform to get a feel for the savings at your disposal.

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