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Quick review of Missfresh meal kits: Should you consider this?

Missfresh is a meal kit service that operates and delivers in most parts of Canada. For the uninitiated, a meal kit service offers ready kits with fresh ingredients at your doorstep, and all you have to do is cook your own food. Today, a bunch of meal kits are available in the US and Canada, and most of them are subscription-based services. Missfresh stands out because they offer varied culinary styles and options. Here’s a Missfresh review for your help.

Background of Missfresh

Missfresh started off in late 2014, but they only started delivering some time later. In 2017, Missfresh was acquired by Metro grocery, although the three founders – Marie-Ève Prevost, Bernard Prevost and Ritter Huang- have 30% stake in the company.

Subscription and more

In terms of operations, this is more like other meal kit companies.Subscription is a must, after which you get to select between 13 recipes each week. Missfresh is also the only company that offers tea, coffee and snacks as a part of the selection. The recipe and ingredients are packed together in a refrigerated box, which ensures complete freshness during transportation.

Comparing with other services

Missfresh has many competitors in the market, such as GoodFoodand Cook it. Most of them have similar services, but some may have more options. For example, Cook It offers a box for three people, which is sufficient for two adults and two kids in a regular household. Also, Cook IT has ready to eat meals in its selection as well. Missfresh is the only company, however, that brings the tea, coffee, and snacks selection to the segment.

The final verdict

Honestly, there’s no reason not to choose Missfresh. However, Cook It does offer gluten-free meals and the choice of meats with no added hormones. Overall, Missfresh is a good service and it doesn’t really disappoint as far as food options are considered. Of course, Missfresh could have done better as far as portions are concerned, which are now fixed to two, four and six.

Before you get into meal kits, just check what they have on offer. The main difference between meal kits and meal delivery is the quality of food you get. With meal kits, you can always control the portions, eat what you want and try new menus without being guilty of the calories. Also, you get to save considerable money, which is what most consumers are happy about. Check online now to know more on Missfresh.

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