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Green Mill Catering: The Best You Can Do for Your Wedding

Green Mill Catering is a wonderful wedding catering service provider with its fantastic venue services and award-winning dishes. Weddings are the most important day of anyone’s life. You would surely want the day to remain memorable for you, for now, and forever and for all those who are a part of your special day.

At Green Mill Catering, we bring to you wedding catering Duluth services to empower you to make your special day memorable for you and your guests. Our lip-smacking dishes and delectable delicacies crafted by our talented chefs will leave a forever lasting impact on your guests and can leave them spell bounded. All you have to do is give us the date, sit and relax, and watch us take care of all the stuff.

Our professional and experienced panel of professionals will guide you throughout and help you move along the entire process. Our services are entirely personalized and customizable according to the requirements and demands you bring us. Our job primarily here will be to make it up to you in all the ways beyond the way you might have imagined for your wedding. Our event planners with intensive specialization will walk you through each step, one at a time, to make it easy on you.

Our services

Making your special day spectacular

Primarily, we make a promise to bring you the most happiness in the world on your special day by tending to do all you wanted for your wedding and even more. Our banquet menu, wedding dinner, elegant plated meals, gift opening brunches, groom’s dinner, and all the other events will eventually fall together just great, the way you wanted them to be. We will make sure that you get to choose the most extravagant menu that will suit your budget as well as make it a great dining experience for your guests and family members. We will make sure to make your special day, a day to remember for each person who is a part of it.

Our outstanding venue partners

Not just the food, we have collaborations with the most fantastic wedding venues in and around so you can rely on us for your needs. Our ideal hosting venues will make you fall short of words with their impeccable services. No matter what kind of event it is, our venue partners, and us as your wedding caterers, will not fail to impress you and your guests in even the minutest way. We will make your event shine and sparkle the entire time.

Cheers with our beverages

Not just that, we will even take care of the bar. A meal is incomplete without a beautiful range of beverages. Our beverage service team will help you figure out the best drinks and beverages you must have on your wedding day and other functions to make it complete and go along with the meals.

From the beginning till the very end of your event, you will always find Green Mill wedding catering Duluth service by your side.

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