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Controlling Costs and Streamlining Ops: The Facts about Using a Commercial Laundry Service

Over the past eight years, the commercial laundry and dry cleaning market in the UK has become the primary outsourcing vehicle for businesses that are endeavouring to trim operation costs, allay their energy bills, and better utilise the employees on their payrolls.

Delving Into the Data

As any economic advisor will tell you, the most straightforward way to strengthen a business’s balance sheet is to constrain nonessential expenses and consolidate recurrent overhead disbursements – two things that are far easier to do than magically uplifting the revenue stream or concocting a new marketing scheme at a moment’s notice. This is precisely where your community’s commercial laundry service can have the greatest impact:

  • Up-to-date reports published by the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) services network have shed light on some startling trends concerning our nation’s hoteliers. There are nearly 650,000 individual hotel rooms peppered across the United Kingdom, and each room commands somewhere between 90 and 105 litres of water per day to sanitise the fabrics and textiles.
  • In accordance with the standard occupancy rate, which generally hovers around 72% to 82%, UK hospitality organisations waste nearly 50 million litres of water on laundry activities on an everyday
  • Unfortunately, the associated energy utilisation makes things go from bad to worse. Experts estimate that the pound-for-pound energy burden of on-scene laundry systems can be twice as high as the water and detergent bills, which implies that hotels and restaurants are not only flushing money down the drain; they’re also letting it escape through their utility lines.

Combine these budget smashing overhead commitments with the interrelated logistical and labour force duties, and it becomes very easy to see that on-premises laundry activities make it nearly impossible to keep a lid on your costs and pragmatically grow your business.

The Real-World Effects of Outsourcing Your Laundry Responsibilities

If you make the decision to sell your washers and dryers; reroute your laundry staff to other operational areas where they can actually provide value; and then establish a symbiotic working relationship with a local linen delivery service, you’ll be able to resuscitate your business, free up ancillary functional space in your facility, and basically jettison the most taxing facet of your day-to-day dealings.

A recent poll of businesses that made the shift to contract-free linen deliveries found that they were able to cut down their laundry overhead rates by an average of 41%, and those that sold their washing and drying equipment also acquired an ample windfall with regard to their free cash flow, so do yourself a big favour and create an action plan with the industrial laundry specialists in your borough.

Whether you need hundreds of bedspreads, dishtowels, and liveries per day or just a handful of textile deliveries each month, you can generate a reliable and economical solution with an acclaimed commercial linen supplier in your proximity.

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