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5 Things You Must Know About A Canadian Maple Shack

If you ever visit Quebec or Montreal, missing out the much talked about sugar shacks extracting the most exquisite sirop d’érable will be a blunder. These are farms running by families for more than a hundred years. Successfully the sons and later on, the grandsons of the founders have a carried their legacy of preparing the best maple syrups along with offering exotic food at quite a pocket-friendly price.

Here are the top 5 things that you must know about the popular Canadian maple shacks-

Mouth-smacking myriad gourmets

Ideally, many prefer having the brunch at these farms, you can do try it individually whether breakfast, lunch or dinner where the chefs serve a special menu. The starters followed by the main courses are simply delightful. At quite a cheap cost- you can enjoy having the exquisite food prepared from the farm fresh raw materials and freshly grounded spices or herbs. From maple syrup pancakes to maple pies- they will not disappoint you at all. Besides, try the different types of omelets, recipes with sausages, salamis etc they serve.

Pre-reservation is mandatory

The family running farms experience the rush during the sugar-off season that is spring. You’ll find most families and friends drop in during this season to enjoy the fine savory with their loved ones. If you’re wondering to experience the wonderful food as Easter meals then you have to pre-book your seats to avoid the rush.

Overcrowded during springs

Often, many travelers that prefer serenity don’t prefer visiting the sugar shacks that remain overcrowded during the sugar-off season. If you belong to that group, avoid visiting the place. But if you keep the issue apart and ready to experience the fiesta ambiance guaranteed in the popular maple shacks of Quebec, then don’t miss out the opportunity to try the must-have foods and amazing drinks they serve at quite a lucrative cost.

Ideal for a family gathering

The maple shacks run by the families are ideal for family gatherings. Want to make your Easter special? Then why don’t you pre-book the table for your family at one of the most popular and highly rated maple shacks in Quebec offering various events during that time?

These places are strategically run. The operations head make sure that the place is loved by the adults as well as the children.

Reasonable price

You’ll be surprised to see the discounts they offer for kids even after charging lesser than usual restaurants.

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