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Why You Need An Automated Coffee Machine In Your Office

Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning for most employees is the perfect way to begin the day at the office. There are several coffee machine types, from the coffee espresso machine to the office vending coffee machine. In case this isn’t the case with you, but you want to get one, suppliers like Kafexpress.ca will be glad to help.

Many companies opt for a vending coffee machine for their organizations. Below are some reasons for this:

#1: Comfort

Employees will frequently require coffee in the morning and they will quickly need it. There’s no need to worry about, getting the machine prepared, crunching coffee, waiting patiently for coffee to be formed, getting the coffee machine washed. An automated coffee maker has the full capacity to do all these for you within minutes.

#2: Taste

Making good coffee with aged machine patterns will need serious know-how of the coffee machine, the kind of beans required for usage, how much time needed to prepare, but at last it was just luck. You can get a good and strong coffee today, but the results can be different another day, using the same formula. Was it caused by the beans? Was it water? With an automatic coffee maker, you can be certain that you have the same good and strong coffee that you love each day. No extraordinary skill is required!

3: Productivity

Science has shown that coffee enhances productivity. And the employees love it. A recent study showed that 89% of workers believe that coffee tea can improve the whole working day. But it’s not just about additional energy. The same survey discloses that a coffee break can also assist workers in communicating and cooperating with their bosses in an informal manner and meet up with the works of colleagues from other departments. It’s an amazing way to unite people and improve the atmosphere of work.

#4: Return on investment

This argument is less obvious, but the one that managers should not ignore. Think about how much time you will be saving if your workers do not go out every break time to buy coffee at Starbucks which is across the road. Or, the expenses incurred for the delivery of coffee to your office each day. Losing time means losing money, but it isn’t just about incurring direct losses. Employees who drink good coffee are definitely more productive, which imply that a greater amount of work will be carried out. The purchase of an automated coffee machine is not an expense rather it is an investment.

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